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Roots4Life is a community action project set up to tackle childhood obesity. To achieve this we intend to teach cooking skills, horticulture and the importance of nutrition. We also include exercise and mindfulness to support mental well being. It is hoped to include families, schools and community groups.

Tim Baker, the Principal of Charlton Manor Primary School, is the visionary behind the initiative within the school and is now leading this capacity build to enable the benefits to be accessible by a far larger number of children and a greater number of schools. Tim has a proven track record in Primary Education established over the past twenty years, and is well known for his creative and innovative approach to learning and his passion for children and families to understand healthy eating as an essential key to a happy life and a positive future for the next generation.



Introducing ‘The Baker Centre

The Baker Centre is a community hub that has been built for Roots4Life by Linden Homes. (See Key No.1 on the plan below)
It is within this building, and on the premises of the Bardhill site that our programmes and initiatives will take place.

For more information about what the centre has to offer click here.

baker centre flyer front

What activities will be on offer?

The Baker Centre will offer activities and events that focus on health, wellbeing and excercise, and obviously growing vegetables and plants! We have already hosted two small picnics for local families. At the moment current restrictions mean we are currently limited in what activities are available but shortly we hope to be offering education sessions, exercise classes, cooking sessions in our new teaching kitchen and a community cafe with healthy snacks and drinks.

Email us to join our mailing list and be the first to hear about events This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sun rising on day of first picnic


Roots4Life volunteer garden session – Saturday 15 & 29 May 11-1pm

Well that was a cold Spring! Roots4Life is looking for local garden volunteers to help do some weeding and potato planting. We are running a Covid-safe volunteer session to help weed our vegetable beds, plants some potatoes and salads. The cold wind has disappeared for now so it is time to get vegetable growing and hope that is the last we have seen of the late spring frost! But never mind, at Roots4Life, we know our spinach and salads will manage just fine outdoors now. We ask that you bring a pair of gardening gloves, a bottle of water and your own trowel and fork if you have one. And if you want a cup of tea or coffee, your own mug. We will provide hot water outside and tea, herbal tea and coffee with a hand santising station nearby. 

  • Activities will be outside based but we do ask that you register using the email below 
  • No vegetable or gardening experience  required - just let us know if you don't have a trowel and fork 
  • Gentle gardening so seed planting and light forking 
  • Access to toliets on site (santised after use and cleaned every hour on the hour) 
  • PPE, hand santisers, masks etc all provided 
  • Hot water for a cup of tea or coffee - just please bring your own mug or reusable cup
  • Volunteers will need to pre-register via email and arrive promptly at 11 am for health and safety briefing 

For adults only and over 18 years old. Spaces will be limited and registration beforehand is essential and via email below. 

No children allowed at this session but we are organising a family 'Have a go grow' session as below. Please send an email to hello@roots4life.org for registration and details to volunteer. 

Have a go and grow! Thurs 3 June 10am - 12pm

Have a go and grow - socially distanced family session on growing your own vegetables this summer. 

  • Plant a pea or bean head or a family of sweetcorn to take home
  • Learn simple and easy organic vegetable growing techniques through a short tour of our new vegetable beds with our resident potato lover
  • Explore our early summer nature trail and identify different wildflowers on our enclosed 8 acre site

This is an outdoor family event so children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Our team are DBS checked and first aid qualified.

Find out more and book a place here 


Who are Roots4Life?

Roots4Life is an innovative charity set up to address the physical and mental health challenges that come with malnutrition and social isolation. Our goal is to ensure access to a healthy life is a right for all.

What is The Baker Centre?
The Baker Centre is a new community hub with 8.6-acre site in New Eltham, Greenwich, London. There are vegetable growing beds, a wildlife pond, orchard and grass amphitheatre. Inside we have a communal dining area and community cafe as well as a brand new teaching kitchen. 

Can I visit?

Current restrictions means we have to limit how many people can attend our outdoor events. We will be organising more events when restrictions are lifted further. Send an email to join our mailing list and find out more about future events.

Are you Covid-safe?

The safety of our staff, volunteers and all our visitors is our utmost priority. Events are pre-booked and we ask visitors to limit their party to the rule of six or to two households only when outdoors. Indoors there are toilet facilities which are cleaned every hour on the hour and after use during our events.  We are a no smoking and no alcohol site.

Can I volunteer?

Yes please! We are looking for vegetable growers, stewards for events and people to help run the community café. We can offer corporate volunteer days and away days with plenty of outdoor meeting space, indoor meeting space (if allowed under current goverment guidelines) and healthy outdoor activities including weeding, planting and harvesting. Contact us to find out more and to design a day to meet your needs. 

Are you hiring? 

We are looking for education, outdoor and cooking sessional deliverers  (DBS and first aid qualified) and hope to be recruiting other posts in the future. Send a copy of your CV and 200 words about yourself to jobs@roots4life.org and when we start to recruit we will get in touch. 

No agencies please.  We are a small charity and it is a waste of your and our time. 

I have goods, services, a greenhouse, plants to donate.

We need watering cans, gardening tools (reasonable condition and we will sanitise them) and plants.  Maybe you have a lovely tasting tomato plant or are an expert cabbage grower. We will only take organic plants so no use of pesticides or fertilisers.  Or maybe your company has office furniture including desks, shelving, files or chairs. Send an email and photo and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Paid car parking

There is charge car parking available which is operated by an external company. You pay for car parking online on arrival. The car park has CC TV and will issue fines for non-payment.  

Can I bring my dog?

We do not allow any dogs on site. If one of your party has a guide dog please contact us to discuss your visit first so we can ensure safety and accessibility. Maybe you can help advise Roots4Life on our plans for a sensory garden in the future! 

Contact hello@roots4life.org 



GREENWICH, LEWISHAM AND BEXLEYizzy kitchen roots4life

Roots4life are here to help YOU during the Covid -19 crisis. We are working in a professional kitchen, making and then delivering meals to the vulnerable in the areas of Greenwich, Lewisham and Bexley.

The Roots4Life charity was set up to prevent food poverty and the physical and mental health challenges that are faced from malnutrition, obesity and social isolation, but we have decided to shift our focus for the next few months.

The challenge is getting food and supplies to those that need it most. Not only does this apply to those already in need, but to the recently unemployed due to sudden redundancies!

Malnutrition and loneliness are likely to rise in the coming months, so despite our focus changing slightly, we are determined not to stop what we set out to do.

If you need food or supplies, or even a phone call please get in touch.


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