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Roots4Life is a community action project set up to tackle childhood obesity. To achieve this we intend to teach cooking skills, horticulture and the importance of nutrition. We also include exercise and mindfulness to support mental well being. It is hoped to include families, schools and community groups.

Tim Baker, the Principal of Charlton Manor Primary School, is the visionary behind the initiative within the school and is now leading this capacity build to enable the benefits to be accessible by a far larger number of children and a greater number of schools. Tim has a proven track record in Primary Education established over the past twenty years, and is well known for his creative and innovative approach to learning and his passion for children and families to understand healthy eating as an essential key to a happy life and a positive future for the next generation.



Introducing ‘The Baker Centre

The Baker Centre is a community hub that has been built for Roots4Life by Linden Homes. (See Key No.1 on the plan below)
It is within this building, and on the premises of the Bardhill site that our programmes and initiatives will take place.

For more information about what the centre has to offer click here.

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izzy kitchen roots4life

Roots4Life is an innovative charity set up to address the physical and mental health challenges that come with malnutrition and social isolation.

Operating from the Baker Centre, a new community hub and 8.6-acre site in New Eltham, Royal Borough of Greenwich in London, our goal is to ensure access to a healthy life is a right for all.
Our vision is to be a multi-purpose hub for community rejuvenation and recovery post Covid-19: working on food education including growing projects, nutrition and healthy eating, exercise classes as well as providing a community café and teaching kitchen.

Roots4Life (providing UK Government and Public Health England guidance allows) will be offering 15 families/ units a socially distanced picnic and outdoor trail/ nature scavenger hunt on our 8-acre site on each day.

If UK Government guidance at the time does not allow for this activity, we will be providing an alternative of socially distanced pick-up of free school holiday meal.
Volunteers must be able to start at 10 am for a health and safety briefing and commit to being present until 3pm. Volunteers can choose either day or both.

The safety of our volunteers and visitors is our highest priority so visitors will only be able book a time for their own household/bubble slot to help stagger entry flow and reduce queues. Our site has a secure boundary so access will only be through registration point.

On this occasion we request volunteers bring their own refreshments and snacks. Santisation and PPE protection will be provided to volunteers and available around the site.



GREENWICH, LEWISHAM AND BEXLEYizzy kitchen roots4life

Roots4life are here to help YOU during the Covid -19 crisis. We are working in a professional kitchen, making and then delivering meals to the vulnerable in the areas of Greenwich, Lewisham and Bexley.

The Roots4Life charity was set up to prevent food poverty and the physical and mental health challenges that are faced from malnutrition, obesity and social isolation, but we have decided to shift our focus for the next few months.

The challenge is getting food and supplies to those that need it most. Not only does this apply to those already in need, but to the recently unemployed due to sudden redundancies!

Malnutrition and loneliness are likely to rise in the coming months, so despite our focus changing slightly, we are determined not to stop what we set out to do.

If you need food or supplies, or even a phone call please get in touch.


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